Whatever happened to...the cactus that once was to be a gift to Amazon

Where is the Amazon saguaro

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - If there’s something not losing sleep over Tucson not being selected as Amazon’s next headquarters ... it’s one particular plant, a 21-foot saguaro cactus that now calls the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum home.

But it wasn't always there, like many in southern Arizona, it's a transplant.

(Source: Walton, Elizabeth)

In September 2017, Sun Corridor tried to gift the saguaro to the company as an incentive to build in Tucson, but they declined and instead donated it to the Desert Museum.

And if cacti could talk...

"I think that cactus is probably relieved it didn't go to Seattle. That's just not the right habitat," said John Wiens, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Nursery Horticulturist. "Too cold, too wet, too cloudy, and it is doing a lot better here than it would've done up there."

According to Wiens, this saguaro is alive and well in the parking lot near the entrance.

But visitors might not know what it went through just by looking at it, as there are no signs or plaques telling its story.

“Right now it’s a little bit shriveled, which is normal for a transplant. It takes a few years to get those roots out. Because a 21-foot saguaro had roots out 20 feet in all directions. When it was brought here, of course, they were cut to the little ‘nubbins’,” said Wiens. “We enjoy having it here, right in the front of the museum where the public can view it. It’s doing fine. I think it’s got a few more years before it kicks off into a real good growth spurt but it’s doing fine.”

(Source: Tucson News Now)
(Source: Tucson News Now) (Source: Walton, Elizabeth)

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