Upgrade to GoTucson Parking mobile app

Upgrade to GoTucson Parking mobile app

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Beginning Monday, Nov. 26, the GoTucson Parking mobile app will allow customers to purchase and renew monthly permits for City of Tucson parking garages and surface parking lots downtown.

The garage and lot permit purchase function will be the first phase in upgrading the GoTucson Parking app to allow the purchase and renewal of any of the off-street or on-street parking permit type. This includes the monthly permits at downtown garages and lots, annual permits for residents participating in the Neighborhood Parking Program, and annual on-street permits that are made available to students and commuters.

The GoTucson Parking app may be downloaded for free at mobile app stores (iPhone; Android). Those who already have the app downloaded on their smart phone will find the new link to “Permits” in the side menu of the app. There is no need to download a new version of the app.

Customers may make an initial purchase of a permit for a garage or lot through the app, but will need to visit the Park Tucson office to obtain an access card or physical permit; thereafter, monthly permit renewals can be purchased via smart phone. Customers will be charged $1 for each monthly permit transaction made through the app. All existing payment options will continue to be available: mail, telephone, and at the Park Tucson office, 110 East Pennington Street #150.

For further information, please contact Park Tucson at (520) 791-5071.

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