Tucson locals say they think Black Friday has changed

Tucson locals say they think Black Friday has changed
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - 10 years ago the lines outside of stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy would’ve been long and made up of people excitedly awaiting Black Friday deals. Now, in 2018 and with the cyber age in full swing, some Tucsonans say they think that Black Friday has changed. In fact many of them say when it comes to getting those post-Thanksgiving holiday deals it’s not about Black Friday for them, it’s about Cyber Monday.

Tucson area local Lisa Markham is a Mom of three and grandmother of one, soon to be two. She says she used to do Black Friday years ago before she had her two twin girls but after one wild Black Friday experience she’s been hesitant to do it since.

Markham says a woman took the toys she was about to buy out of her cart and then the woman put them in her cart, taking the toys from Markham. She says she then looked at the woman and took the toys back but the other woman wasn’t very nice to her.

“It was crazy,” she notes of the experience.

Markham is one of many Tucson locals that Tucson News Now spoke to that say Black Friday is not worth the hassle now that they can get whatever they want from the convenience of their home or while at work on Cyber Monday.

“I think it’s changed a lot because a lot of people don’t want to go out," Markham says of Black Friday.

According to Forbes 174 million people shopped during Black Friday weekend last year. When you look at the breakdown of the numbers from Forbes by day though, Cyber Monday beats Black Friday with 81 million people versus Friday’s 66 million people.

Markham says she thinks those numbers for Black Friday will likely continue to dwindle.

“If I can do it online I’m definitely doing it online,” she says. Her advice is simple- don’t go. “Don’t go unless you have to and unless you find something that’s really worth it.”

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