Cochise County amends agreement with Huachuca City Animal Shelter

Cochise County amends agreement with Huachuca City Animal Shelter
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COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - An amended intergovernmental agreement between Cochise County and the Huachuca City Animal Shelter will allow the facility to expand and improve its operations.

Since 2003, the County has been paying Huachuca City an annual sum of $42,000 to drop off animals picked up by its animal control officers, administered under the Sheriff’s Office. Those animals account for between 66 and 70 percent of the total sheltered at the facility.

Increases in running costs prompted the two government agencies to review the agreement and make some changes. The County will increase its annual payment to $45,000, followed by a three percent increase every year thereafter.

“This will increase the capacity of Huachuca City Animal Shelter, allowing them to expand and do repairs,” County Contracts Administrator Brandon Morrison told the Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting on November 27.

County Administrator Ed Gilligan added, “This is a necessary contract amendment at this time. It improves the position of the shelter for a very small cost for continued services.”

The new agreement will also allow Huachuca City to refuse animals, if the shelter is at capacity.

“This is a necessary and reasonable ask,” Gilligan said.

He added the County will continue to explore other long-term animal control solutions, including the possibility of building its own shelter.

The amended intergovernmental agreement was unanimously approved by the Board.

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