Do you have what it takes to be a FBI Special Agent?

FBI fitness test is where it all begins

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for the best and brightest to protect and serve the country. Right now, the national intelligence agency is hoping to hire about 900 special agents, nationwide.

“The desire, truly, that is the perfect fit," said Special Agent Erin Gibbs.

“We have people from any type of background you can imagine. We have chefs, we have former wedding planners, we have PhD immunologists who are now agents. If you can think of a job, someone in their former life before becoming an agent did that job. We even have former news reporters.”

Some train for days, weeks, even months to take the first step towards becoming one of the elite working for the national intelligence agency - a physical fitness test. So, on media day, Tucson News Now’s own Melissa Egan laced up to take on the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). It’s the same test all potential agents must pass in the application process before the Academy at Quantico.

“This is one of the more difficult aspects, but it’s also the only one you have complete control over," said Special Agent Gibbs.

The PFT measures muscular strength and endurance, anaerobic power, and aerobic power with limited amounts of recovery time between events.

The test consists of four exercises, with a five-minute break between each completed exercise:

1: Maximum number of sit-ups in one minute

2: 300-meter sprint, timed

3: Maximum number of continuous push-ups, untimed

4: 1.5 mile run, timed

With Special Agent Michael Foster in charge, a FBI Physical Fitness Advisor, media members took to the track at the west campus of Pima County Community College.

According to FBI standards, prospective agents have to score at lease one point in each of the four exercises. There is a strictly defined scoring scale and protocol for each event and you can received negative points.

For more information on the hiring process to become a Special Agent with the FBI, click here.

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