U of A professor files discrimination lawsuit against AZ Board of Regents

Discrimination lawsuit filed

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A University of Arizona professor filed a lawsuit claiming she’s discriminated against because she is a woman.

The suit filed by Dr. Katrina Miranda against the Arizona Board of Regents has some bombshell allegations.

She’s a chemistry professor who’s worked at the U of A for more than 16 years.

(Source: University of Arizona)
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She claims she was underpaid by between “$9,000 and $36,000 dollars per year from from 2016 to 2018 alone compared to her male colleagues.”

The lawsuit is a class action suit - claims there are as many as 80 other female professors who face similar pay discrimination, “Dr. Miranda's female colleagues in the College of Science were also underpaid relative to their male counterparts."

Gender discrimination lawsuit filed by UA professor

“People will want to come forward and take a stand and try to achieve... justice and fairness for themselves and others,” said Andrew Melzer, an attorney representing Miranda.

He’s confident more professors will join the suit. It’s specific to professors in the College of Science, but the lawsuit could have a much larger impact.

“Universities, colleges have to look very closely at their policies and practices and how they’re affecting women," said Melzer. "If people are being treated fairly and equally, if the policies generate and result in equal outcomes or...unfair outcomes.”

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The lawsuit also states "the pay disparity is a direct result of policies and practices implemented by the College and University leadership...They (women professors) are also subjected to humiliating and demeaning treatment by the University's male leadership."

Dr. Miranda states she tried to talk to people at the U of A about the issues and was ignored.

Melzer believes society will no longer ignore issues like this.

“We’re at a moment where people aren’t just going to sweep these things aside anymore,” he said.

We reached out to the Arizona Board of Regents – and have not heard back. No comment will be made from the University of Arizona, according to Chris Sigurdson Vice President for Communications

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