Avoiding holiday stress

American Heart Association: Reducing holiday stress

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Crowded malls, long lines, budget concerns, and family gatherings. The holiday season can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, all that stress can easily land anyone in the doctor’s office. So, to stay out of the ER and at home for the holidays, the American Heart Association and Dr. Movahed have five important tips to remember.

One: keep up healthy habits.

“Excercise, watching your diet. It’s very important. Whatever you were doing, the healthy lifestyle that you had before, you should continue during the holiday time,” said Dr. Reza Movahed, Cardiologist.

Two: beware of party perils.

“Going to a lot of parties you’re going to eat a lot of food,” he said. “Unfortunately, many of those foods are not very healthy. You have to be aware of that and you have to be careful to not overeat.”

Three: stay active.

“Bicycling to work or doing more walking will help you to alleviate the holiday stress.”

Four: don’t be too active.

“All this shopping, all this stress to get ready can take a toll on you. Sometimes, you may have to take a break. It’s a good time to have some relaxation time,” he said.

Five: make a plan for the New Year.

“Smoking cessation is very, very important, losing weight, trying to be more active, trying to be more healthy. So, those are the resolutions you have to make a reasonable expectation from yourself but you have to try to keep it.”

Dr. Movahed also adds, ‘tis the season to look out for friends and family. You never know when a loved one might be feeling the holiday stress and their heart stops.

“Call 911 and of course if there’a defibrillator available you have to put it on the patient but the key is to start doing hands-only CPR, chest compression CPR immediately.”

He says going into cardiac arrest is very common this time of year and knowing what to do may just keep your friends and family around for many Christmases to come.

This weekend, there’s an easy way to help the American Heart Association in their efforts to keep you healthy. Just shop in the VIP section of Dillard’s at Park Place Mall Sunday, Dec. 9. Ten percent of the money will go toward the American Heart Association.

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