FAMILY FINDER: Darryl looking for a forever family

FAMILY FINDER: Darryl looking for a forever home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Darryl is a playful 16-year-old that has so much love to give.

He loves to stay active and thrives being outside."He likes to play outside and explore bugs. He likes to go up and look at the bugs,” said Kate McLaren, a Youth Advocate with Arizona Children’s Association.

When he’s not enjoying the playground, Darryl likes to sit back in the car and go on road trips. " He loves to travel and he loves those long car rides. So I know other parents will be concerned about taking a kid for 14 hours in a car and you don’t have to have that worry with Darryl he loves it,” said Kate.

Right now, Darryl is learning to express himself through a communication device. "One really cool thing about Darryl is that he is bilingual. So he understands both English and Spanish when you speak to him and he'll respond to both,” added Kate.

He needs a family that will be patient, understanding and provide him with structure. “A two parent home would be the best environment and any other kids in the home is absolutely fine they can younger or they can be older,” said Kate.

Darryl's foster dad. Jose Bonilla, has been by his side for 13 years." He's a very loving child. He brings a lot of joy into his current foster placement."“I call him my copilot because he like to be with me all over."

but as Jose and his wife get older...they need to find a good home for their beloved Darryl. "After so many years I’ve been attached to him my goal is to find a family for him,” said Jose.

If you or someone you know is interested in adoption, please share his story.

To learn more about adopting Darryl check out Arizona Children’s Association here.

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