Tucson Wildlife Center receives critically ill Golden Eagle

Golden eagle critically ill from lead poisoning

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Wildlife Center received a special guest on Thursday night, Dec. 6 but it wasn’t a happy one. A critically ill golden eagle arrived to the center after she was found on the ground, according to a TWC news release near the southern Arizona border region. She is believed to be the victim of lead poisoning.

A TWC veterinarian was able to stabilize the bird, however it remains in critical condition.

According to TWC while the use of lead ammunition has been banned in California, Arizona still allows hunting with lead bullets. The eagle may have eaten a dead animal that was shot with lead ammunition, leading to her poisoning.

Most of the rescued eagles at TWC have been victims of lead poisoning by eating an animal shot with lead ammunition.

Anyone who finds a wild animal, and is concerned that it may be injured or in distress, should call TWC at 520-290-WILD (9453).

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