New services coming to Tucson’s Brush, Bulky program in 2019

New services coming to Tucson’s Brush, Bulky program in 2019

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It’s a program that has been around in Tucson for years now; Brush and Bulky has been helping to clean up neighborhoods across the city for over 10 years. In less than a month when the new year starts, the program will be adding some major new services for Tucson residents.

Come 2019 those new additions to the Brush and Bulky program (which the city is renaming Brush and Bulky+) will include the removal of overgrowth and litter in rights-of-way, clean-up of illegal dumping, graffiti removal, street sign repairs and replacement, street sweeping, and one that many Tucson locals are likely to be happy about - pothole repair.

“We’re really trying to target those areas, those corridors, within a Brush and Bulky area that are the most used. And sometimes streets that are in neighborhood areas, you know, don’t always get attended to unless somebody calls it in. So this will be a little bit more of a proactive approach because were going to be in that area already,” Christina Polsgrove of the city of Tucson said.

Another big change to Brush and Bulky will be the way the city reminds you of when Brush and Bulky services are scheduled for your neighborhood. In the past the city notified residents with the help of a door hanger. Polsgrove says in 2019 the city is asking residents to use an app called Recycle Coach to set reminders, based on the city’s calendar, for when Brush and Bulky will be happening in their area because the city will no longer be doing the door hanger reminders.

Polsgrove adds that the city also reworked the sections that they’ll do brush and bulky in, in an effort to make sure that they can hit entire areas or communities at once, rather than splitting them up as they have in the past.

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