No paintballs needed to deter coyotes from Tucson neighborhood

No paintballs needed to deter coyotes from Tucson neighborhood

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Concerns have been calmed regarding coyotes in one midtown neighborhood, at least for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

AZGFD announced a “zero tolerance policy” for wildlife feeding in the Catalina Vista neighborhood in October, following a public hearing where homeowners voiced concerns over a high number of reported coyote and javelina sightings in the Catalina Vista neighborhood.

If coyotes were tracked by officials, Game and Fish planned to haze and deter coyotes with paintball guns. Mark Hart, Public Information Officer for Arizona Game and Fish, said that tactic was not used.

Hart said officials saw two coyotes, both of which ran away upon being sighted, and no citations were issued to residents for unlawful feeding of wildlife.

He said a “vast majority of residents told us coyotes were not a problem." When Tucson News Now crews joined officials on patrol in October, Hart pointed out areas of javelina droppings.

AZGFD has stopped patrolling the neighborhood, but hart said officials would resume them if there was any new reported activity.

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