Avoiding the post office lines, some choose local to ship

Avoiding the post

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The sound of the sliding door was constant at the U.S. Post Office on Friday.

It was your last day to ship for cheap ahead of Christmas, if you want it there on time.

Away from the post office hustle and bustle, though, is a smaller shop in Midtown where Reina Walker passes the time.

"People come here and just go (sigh)," Walker said, referring to the sigh of relief people have when walking in the door of the Letter Box and seeing no one ahead of them. "We have shorter lines than the post office, that's what I hear."

Of course, a Friday afternoon is a slower time of day and why customers like Nancy France timed out her visit just right.

"I try to catch them when I know there's not going to be a huge line," France said. Even when it's a bit busier, she said this place is worth the wait. "Always here and always welcoming, willing to help me with anything I need."

The atmosphere here as soothing as the scissors gliding through the wrapping paper. It's what drew Walker in as a customer once until she came on as an employee.

"They always have a story when they're sending out their packages. They always tell me where it's going, who's it for, what's in it," she explained. No doubt people love gifts in the mail and Walker loves playing a part in that special moment. "Sometimes it's an amazing story like I finally got my grandson this one gift he's wanted his whole life."

Friday, December 14th is the very last day to get your packages out the cheap way.

The deadline for USPS priority shipping is December 20th.

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