Vendors kicked off city property

Vendors moved from longtime spot

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Shut down and kicked out with no warning.

That’s what several vendors told tucson News Now’s Dan Marries on Thursday, Dec. 20 at the corner of West Camino del Cerro and Silverbell on the northwest side. Catching them completely by surprise.

The workers at a food trailer were in the process of tearing down and moving after they say city employees told them to leave since they didn't have the proper licenses, including a peddler's permit.

"The City of Tucson came and shut us down. Told us that we had to get out of here, basically we have to get permits," said Manuel Salazar. "Yeah, we were kind of shocked cause most people said they let us, they usually let us station here and work. Everybody's trying to do out here. Try to sell, make a living, try to get money to raise our families."

It was the same for this man who says he's been selling oranges at this location off and on for 10 years.

He showed us his county health department paperwork. We called city officials asking why and they informed us someone called to complain.

Code enforcement officers responded to tell the vendors they must have a peddler's permit from the city to do business on city owned land. They told them where to go and how to get that permit. They did NOT issue any violations.

The vendors we spoke with said they’ll now work on getting the proper paperwork or move to the county.

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