Church opens doors for asylum-seeking migrants in the cold

Published: Dec. 27, 2018 at 10:16 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the temperatures dropped on Thursday night, one local church stepped up for migrants seeking asylum dropped off in Tucson with almost nowhere to go.

"It's cold, they don't have adequate food. They don't shower for the whole time they're there," Reverend Dr. Delle McCormick explained the conditions for migrants she said would be hard for most anyone.

Though it was cold out, she hoped the walls of her church would be welcoming for migrants who made it to Tucson after legally seeking asylum. As it is a controversial move and topic, we were asked not to name the church for safety.

Volunteers like Mike Lonergan among volunteers came together to make it all happen.

"We represent Jesus to our guests, and they in turn represent Jesus back to us," said Lonergan.

They greeted them with a smile as they hopped out of the van, and showed them towards the place they would be staying for the evening.

The church provided warm clothes for the dozens as they got ready for the rest of their travels.

"These are vulnerable people with children and their parents who are in great jeopardy if they're dropped off on a street," explained McCormick.

A call to action was posted on social media asking for donations. Early Thursday morning, the church found out that ICE would be dropping off dozens of migrants. Those volunteers decided they wanted to help. Within hours of the call for help, their kitchen and bodega were stocked with clothes and food.

"(We want) to make sure that these people know that somebody cares for them," said McCormick.

The goal is to make these migrants feel at home until they start their journey to their sponsors.

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