Brooke’s Bargains: Four ways to save more in 2019

Brooke’s Bargains: Four ways to save more in 2019

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Happy New Year! If you're like most Americans - one of your resolutions is to save money. But it's hard to make that stick without choosing one or two very specific goals.

Brooke’s Bargains has four simple ways to save money in the new year:

  1. Want to check off two resolutions with one change? Un-save your payment information from any restaurants or delivery services. If it takes more time for you to order, you’re more likely to cook for yourself - saving money and calories.
  2. Cut at least one subscription service. 84 percent of Americans have no idea how much we spend on what we watch - so you’re bound to save a bundle.
  3. Shop your auto insurance. The commercials are right - just a few minutes filling out your info online can save you hundreds of dollars a year. On average, people who shopped around saved $400. Visit a few different insurers and make sure you’re getting the best rate.
  4. In the New Year, look for a new bank - if you’re paying any fees to your current one. This is a shocker: the average person pays about $12,000 in fees over a lifetime - and those are just the fees for not maintaining a minimum balance! Imagine that money in your 401K! Look for an FDIC insured savings account that’s *free - and with the highest yield possible - two or three percent, if possible - to get something good out of those higher interest rates and put hundreds back in your pocket.

The best way to start any new year is with a fresh budget. Check out these free, easy-to-use tools from the Financial Literacy and Education Association.

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