PACC reminding that freezing temps are dangerous for animals not used to the cold

PACC making neglect calls high priority

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It’s going to be cold outside, colder than normal for southern Arizona and the Pima Animal Care Center is reminding pet owners to bring their pets inside or if they must remain outside provide them with adequate shelter.

“If you’re cold, your pet is cold,” said PACC Director Kristen Auerbach, in a recent news release. “Pets in Tucson are acclimated to warmer temperatures which means below-freezing night temperatures can be deadly for pets left outside with no shelter.”

In order to protect pets from the cold, PACC’s Animal Protection Services is making neglect calls a higher priority while the freezing overnight temperatures continue. Anyone who sees a pet without appropriate shelter should report it to PACC’s animal protection dispatch at (520) 724-5900, extension 4. Officers will do their best to address these calls in a timely manner.

“We always as the public to be our eyes and ears for us because there are more of them then there are of us. We do want people to call in, because we take the complaint seriously and we do this job for the pets," said Christina Snow, Animal Protection Manager.

Snow said Animal Protection Services usually receives about 30 to 40 calls on an average day and that doubles during inclement weather, like this cold snap in Southern Arizona.

PACC is also offering tips for pet owners to help them protect their pets from the cold:

  1. Bring pets indoors for the night.
  2. For outdoor-only pets, make sure there is adequate shelter which not only provides overhead cover, but also protects from drafts and keep pets off the ground. Blankets and straw can both provide relief from the cold ground. 
  3. Put sweaters or coats on pets when they’re outside in cold weather. Pets in Tucson are not used to freezing cold temperatures so pet clothing can help keep them warm while out on a walk. 
  4. License and microchip pets. If pets becomes lost in dangerously cold weather, owners want to get them back as quickly as possible. Check pet tags and microchip to make sure the information is up-to-date or visit PACC to get or renew that dog license.

The easiest way to keep pets warm when it’s cold outside is to bring them inside.

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