ADOT to smooth section of I-10 on Tucson’s west side

ADOT to smooth section of I-10 on Tucson’s west side
Crews will smooth part of Interstate 10 near Tucson. (Source: Tucson News Now)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - If you’ve worried about gravel kicking up on Interstate 10 near the Prince Road exit, you’re not alone and relief is on the way.

In recent weeks, several people have contacted Tucson News Now asking about the conditions of that stretch of highway. Monday morning, Jack Ferguson was ready to talk on the record.

“The stretch is shameful,” he said.

Ferguson has replaced his windshield once and repaired it twice in the last two months. His work takes him around the world, and he considers this part of I-10 to be one of the worst he’s experienced.

“I’ve been some places, driven on roads that ... until we got off road, the road was better than that,” Ferguson said. “That’s Cambodia, folks!”

In his own words, he doesn’t feel “safe enough” but Ferguson’s wife’s car has needed some maintenance as well.

“I’m more concerned for my wife, because she’s in a lower vehicle,” he said.

Drivers should prepare for the Arizona Department of Transportation to handle the issue as soon as this weekend. In response to the conditions of I-10, overnight work begins Saturday, Jan. 12, according to a statement from ADOT public information Officer Tom Hermann.

It states:

“We have a project starting Saturday, Jan. 12, to mill off deteriorating asphalt in the eastbound I-10 lanes between Ruthrauff and Miracle Mile. This work will be underway from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.through Saturday, Jan. 19. Drivers can start the process of making claims for windshield damage by using the online form available at”

For anyone lucky enough to avoid the gravely patch, Ferguson said there’s no doubt it’s to blame for his recent car troubles.

“Tell the doubters to drive down that stretch and make sure they do it a couple times, then they can feel like they’re in a Midwest hailstorm,” he said.

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