Local business near national park impacted by shutdown

Drop in customers near Saguaro National Park

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The parking lot at Saguaro Corners has cars in the lot, though all of the license plates are from Arizona.

This is an unusual occurrence for the restaurant, which less than a mile from the Saguaro National Park East entrance and is used to out of state visitors.

Saguaro National Park is closed due to the partial government shutdown. Park employees aren’t working and there are no services at the park.

Which means some visitors are skipping the park and skipping the restaurant.

CJ Ham is the executive chef and has been working there for more than three years. He says they have noticed and felt an impact of the shutdown.

Many of the out of town visitors stop at the restaurant for lunch before or after visiting the park, that is not happening anymore.

Ham told Tucson News Now that he noticed the impact during the first weekend of the shutdown. He thinks it’s terrible that the federal employees are not getting paid.

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