Tucson advised against latest effort to become sanctuary

Tucson advised against latest effort to become sanctuary
If the "Tucson Families Free and Together" initiative qualifies for the November ballot, Tucson voters will decide if the city will be the first sanctuary city in Arizona.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Just days after efforts were launched to help shield undocumented immigrants from deportation, Tucson’s city attorney is warning not to try it.

In an eight-page memo, City Attorney Mike Rankin outlines some of the issues with how the ballot initiative that was introduced this past weekend is written.

Under this initiative, certain collaborations between city and federal agencies would not be allowed.

Rankin says that’s against federal law.

Rankin also says this initiative conflicts with state law SB 1070 by restricting when officers are allowed to ask about immigration status.

Under SB 1070, police are required to ask about immigration status if a person is breaking a law and police suspect that person may be undocumented.

So, passing this initiative, Rankin says, raises the possibility that the federal government or the state government could sue the city.

Rankin points out that the purpose of his memo isn’t to take a stand for or against the initiative.

He says it’s simply to point out some of the legal issues that could come up if this initiative makes it on the November ballot.

The director behind this initiative said she met with Rankin last week and knew this memo was coming, but she did not expect it to be released to the public.

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