Family Finder: Stewart in need of a forever home

Family Finder Stewart looking for a forever home

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Stewart is a creative teen who loves to learn about how things work.

“Stewart is so fun. He is so honest. He just has such a spark about him. He likes to share his opinion. He definitely likes things his way. He has an engineer brain,” said Sabrina with Foster Arizona.

"I like to take things apart and all that and see what’s inside of them. My grandpa used to do that too,” said Stewart.

“He would do best with a family that likes to participate in interesting things. He would do best with a family that is patient and are readers that are serious, but can have fun and joke around with him,” said Sabrina.

Stewart needs a family he can build trust with for the long-term.

“Some siblings to hang out with. I want a mom and dad or just a mom or just a dad. I just want them to be nice,” said Stewart.

“Stewart would do best with a family that has adult children because he really could use some strong role models,” Sabrina said.

He would thrive with a family that he could stay in contact with through his life.

“I want a family that spends time with me,” Stewart said.

“He deserves to have connections in his life; he deserves to have a place to go for hugs and for love and to give love too.

I just know a family that would really love and value having Stewart in their lives,” said Sabrina.

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