Reforma manager tased during armed robbery

Armed robber caught on surveillance video
Armed robber caught on surveillance video(Grant Krueger)
Published: Feb. 5, 2019 at 6:03 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - A suspect tased a manager at Reforma and robbed the restaurant at gun point on Sunday, Feb. 3.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department says this happened around 10:30 pm.

John Bujarski, a manager at Reforma, said he and three others were getting ready to close up for the night.

“My chef at the time comes out with this masked man, fully covered, he’s got sunglasses, a bandanna covering his face. He’s holding a gun in one hand and he’s like, we have a problem," Bujarksi said.

Then, according to Bujarski the man pulled out a taser.

“[He] did a quick shock of it and just lunged at me and got me right in the neck," Bujarski said.

The suspect then demanded money.

“He at gunpoint took all of us to the back and had us put the money in a bag for him," Bujarski said.

A security camera in the kitchen caught most of the incident. In it the suspect can be seen after he walks in from an entrance in the back of the kitchen. He then follows behind two employees out of the kitchen area to go get Bujarski.

Footage then shows the suspect and the employees coming back in the kitchen area to get the money out of the safe. The camera also captures the moment the suspect walks out. The entire incident only last several minutes.

“On his way out - I’m sorry for having to do this. Have a great night you guys.”

Grant Krueger is the owner of Reforma and another restaurant in the St. Phillip’s Plaza at River and Campbell.

He said this is the first time he’s dealt with an incident like this. Krueger said he’s thankful his ended the way it did.

“Material possessions can be replaced. But the fact that nobody was severely injured in this truly the blessing of this. It’s the one silver lining," Krueger said.

As for Bujarski, he said he’s in pain from being tased, but it’s something he’d go through again.

“It could have gone completely different. If that’s the worst that happened, I’d gladly do it any day," Bujarski said.

Please call the Pima County Sheriff’s Department if you have any information on this.

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