Severely malnourished dog rescued after living five years chained in mud pit

The owner called the dog “Bad Dog” and every bone on his body was visible.

Severely malnourished dog rescued after living five years chained in mud pit

COLUMBUS, MS (WLBT) - A Columbus pit bull rescue was contacted about a dog in horrific conditions chained in a pit of mud.

One week later, and the dog is getting medical treatment, but still fighting for his life.

Our boy is not doing well at all, today :( He is headed to an emergency vet visit to receive IV fluids, vitamins and a...

Posted by Shaw Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Shaw Pit Bull Rescue is located in Columbus Mississippi on Center Road. They are a non-profit animal shelter that opened in 2012 by a couple named Kenneth and Aimee Shaw.

Last Tuesday (February 12) they were sent photos of a dog chained up in a mud pit in someone’s back yard by law enforcement.

The rescue was given a phone number for the owner of the dog and called to find out details on his condition.

They learned that the dog spent five years of his life chained in that exact spot. The owner named him “Bad Dog” and had not taken the dog to a vet in years.

When the rescue asked the owner about the dog’s temperament, he told them he has never been around other animals, and isn’t allowed near children.

We're full. We can't take anymore. There's no more kennels. There's no more money. We are literally flooded from all the...

Posted by Shaw Pit Bull Rescue on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

“Our hearts broke. So we gave up. We got off the phone, and we did what we do. We loved him. We cared for him. We warmed him inside and out. And we tried to dry him off as best as possible. Then we promised him that we will never be called “Bad Dog” again.” (Shaw PBR)

The rescue decided to call the dog Phoenix. According to the rescue, the dog should have weighed between 55-60 pounds but he weighed 38 lbs instead. Phoenix is covered in sores from standing in the rain and mud.

Thankfully, this severely neglected dog will now know a life of love.

“We don’t have everything planned out for him just yet. We don’t even know how he got through yesterday, much less how he will get through tomorrow. What we do know - is that we will be here. We will be right by his side for every new step that he takes, and every step will be celebrated as his greatest accomplishment.” (Shaw PBR)

To learn more about Shaw Pitbull Rescue, click here.

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