Capitol Action: Gov. Ducey signs SB 1014

English Language Learning overhaul

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - A dramatic overhaul is coming to local schools thanks to a bill, SB1014 signed on Thursday, Feb. 14 by Governor Doug Ducey

It is slated to change the state’s approach to teaching English to immigrant students, while leaving a lot more power in the hands of the teacher.

This bill will impact all of the English Language Learning (ELL) students, those who are learning English.

The biggest impact will be at the high school level for schools like Tucson High.

SB1014 gets rid of the old way of doing things, where teachers would have to pull the ELL students out of class for four hours of intense language proficiency instruction.

Here's how things would change - the student requirement would be two hours of reading, writing and comprehension strategies.

The models for this would be created by the district and approved by the state board of education.

This could change things for ELL high school students trying to graduate. They will get more time in required class unlike the current way of doing things.

KOLD News 13 spoke with Patricia Sandoval Taylor from Tucson Unified School District. She was excited about the bill and calls it historical.

“Often times if the majority of their day is spent in a four-hour model with English language development, they might graduate later or they may have to take courses outside of the normal school year,” said Patricia Sandoval Taylor, Director of Language Acquisitions Department in TUSD.

The state board of education is still working on the timeline on when the new program will take effect.

Districts like TUSD are working on developing a plan.

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