More than 13,000 Arizona residents to get check from General Motors

More than 13,000 Arizona residents to get check from General Motors

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - If you have a GM vehicle in the driveway, there’s a chance a little check could be headed your way.

AZ Family reported more than 13,000 Arizonans will be getting checks for nearly $400 following a lawsuit against General Motors.

GM agreed to pay consumers more than $5 million as part of the settlement, which was reached a year ago.

The suit and subsequent deal involved some GM vehicles that were recalled in 2014 because of ignition switches, airbags and power steering systems.

“Any resident who purchased an eligible new or certified pre-owned GM vehicle from a GM dealer located in Arizona between July 10, 2009 and July 10, 2014, and did not resell the vehicle before the announcement of the involved recall, may be an ‘Eligible Consumer,’" according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

If you received and returned a consumer release form before the Jan. 9, 2019 deadline, your check should be in the mail. You have 90 days to deposit them.

If you think you are eligible for restitution but did not get a consumer release form, you can contact the Claims Administrator at 1-866-425-5214 or by email at

This week’s mailing of the GM settlement checks coincides with National Consumer Protection Week, which runs through Saturday, March 9.

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