Spring breakers alerted to suspected burglar in midtown Tucson

Spring breakers alerted to suspected burglar in midtown Tucson
(Source: Shawnee Wright)

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - A group of spring breakers were bound for the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico when an alert from their surveillance camera let them know a suspected burglar was in their rental home in midtown Tucson.

Shawnee Wright shared pictures and video of the early morning incident on social media in hopes of identifying the man in her room. Some in her group traveled back to Tucson to file a report with Tucson Police Department.

The return trip to town allowed the victims to photograph what appeared to be a security window pried open and some broken glass. Wright noted their rental also has a fence and a security door.

She lost her laptop and other valuables. It's a situation other students in off-campus housing seem to know a little too well.

Blake Leeper said his roommate took the X-box and TV when he left for spring break.

A recent graduate, Leeper said he experienced an attempted burglary when previous roommates left a backdoor unlocked. He said whoever let themselves into the building had moved the TV from its original location to a table before running away.

“We have our security measures," he said. "Tasers, pepper spray, stuff like that makes us feel better.”

A junior student who asked not to be identified said she plans to take her laptop with her on spring break and move her desktop to a friend's house while she's gone.

“You kind of get so disheartened to the point where it is what it is," she said. "When I step inside my house, the first thing I look for is the light that is like at the bottom of my TV in the darkness because that means if my TV is still there, everything else is probably still there.”

Tucson Police Department offers a service for anyone in need of a check-up at their property while they're out of town. Officer Ray Smith, a spokesman for the department, said anyone is welcome to request a check and officers will prioritize the request based on call volume and on-going needs.

Each division accepts requests from the public. For example, the West Division handled somewhere between 12 and 20 calls in the last year.

Smith suggested anyone in need of a police check also confide in a trusted neighbor to look after your home, pick up the mail and call 911 if anything suspicious happens.

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