U of A campus hosts second annual “Walk A Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes”

Walk a mile in a refugee's shoes

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - The second annual “Walk A Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes” took place today on the University of Arizona Campus.

The event allowed people to see for themselves what it’s like to be a refugee by providing an insight into the hardships, frustrations, and often the pain that refugees endure through various role-playing simulations.

The groups, “We are all America” and the Tucson International Rescue Committee were sponsors for this special event.

There were also guest speakers, including former refugees who told their personal stories and how they’ve dealt with and overcome hardships.

“It’s been an amazing journey the last couple of months we’ve been putting this event together to really being a wanted to some of the hardships refugees experience and their journey, but not only that, but the success stories and how they contribute to our community,” said Nejra Sumic, a state refugee organizer from “We Are All America.”

More than 65-million people are displaced around the world and those who participated in the event were given a small glimpse into the life of a refugee.

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