Woman needing kidney transplant puts up billboard

Woman advertises for kidney on billboard

EAU CLAIRE, WI (WEAU/Gray News) - A woman is desperately searching for a kidney and is taking new steps to find her match.

“Oh, it’s been rough. It’s gotten worse as time’s gone on,” said Ann Schnagl, who’s been searching for her life-saving kidney for more than four years.

“I had a couple of my friends’ daughters tried it, and they got disqualified,” she said.

Recently she put up a billboard hoping that someone driving by would give her a call.

“It’s about eight years for someone to pass away to get a kidney,” she added.

Schnagl is on the transplant list, but she said the list could take many more years.

“I wish I would have done a billboard a couple of years ago, but I never thought of it until my parents thought of it,” Schnagl said.

She received one call, but the willing donor wasn’t a match.

“If I can find someone to help me or help someone else because they do have a program if someone doesn’t match me and they want to donate a kidney, then my name would go up on the list,” she said.

Schnagl was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2000, and by 2016, she was put on dialysis.

“I never know how I am going to feel after each treatment,” she said. “Sometimes I might be OK, and other times, I just get so sick, I just come home and go to bed.”

She is going for dialysis three times a week.

“If dialysis wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t mind, but I just can’t stand going to dialysis,” she said.

The thing that keeps her going is her job at Lutheran Social Services.

“I’m still working full time, so that’s hard, but I like my job, so I knew if I quit I would be worse off,” she added.

The job is keeping her busy during this time of waiting.

“I go to people’s houses and take them shopping or take them out in the community and take them to doctor’s appointments and do whatever they like to do,” Schnagl said.

She is always helping others but she is hoping a kind stranger will return the favor.

“Yeah, it could save my life,” she said.

If you are an interested donor, click here.

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