Community not thrilled about proposed resort near Saguaro National Park East

Resort development fight

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - A proposal to develop a motel-style resort for bicyclists across the street from Saguaro National Park East is getting some serious push back from the community.

The “Bicycle Ranch” would have room to accommodate nearly 50 guests, mostly in single room casitas.

“That’s the line that goes that way, so just on the other side of (my property) is where two large buildings will be,” said Jeff Bruce, whose property line would go right up against the new development. “I can’t believe they could possibly think that this type of development would be appropriate for this lot in this particular area.”

“Bicycle Ranch” aims at creative a progressive, bicycle-centric resort, where bicycle enthusiasts can take advantage of Tucson’s weather and extensive biking routes, including the 132 mile Loop Trail. The resort would feature close to 40 buildings, and have amenities to appeal to bicycle riders of all ages and skill levels.

“They want to put in a high density commercial operation,” said Bruce. “In what is a peaceful, wide open space next to a national park.”

Bruce is part of Save Saguaro National Park, ( a non-profit looking to block the development. They argue the area is not equipped to handle the added noise, light pollution, and traffic. The developers, MJM Consulting, tout the project as a “minor” resort, within zoning laws. Members of Save Saguaro National Park plan to have their voices heard during a planning hearing in front of the Pima County Board of Supervisors April 4.

A similar development was proposed on the land in 2014, but was shot down.

“We don’t get it,” stated Connie Franz, a resident who lives nearby. “We want our supervisors to honor the precedent they set in 2014 and deny the permit.”

“The fact is that it’s a commercial development and the developers are claiming it’s for the betterment of the community, but there is nobody in this community who believes this will better our community whatsoever,” said Bruce.

In the proposal, MJM Consulting believes the resort would have little impact on the surrounding community, and bring bicyclists from all over the world to Tucson.

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