On the move: Busy season begins for real estate agents

On the move: Busy season begins for real estate agents

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - It's a busy time for real estate agents across Tucson.

Tony Ray Baker says from now until August it’s all hands on deck as the start of the busy season kicks off. Baker says with the school year coming to an end, many families could be looking to make a move.

He says Tucson's housing market remains healthy and strong and on trend to be very similar to last year and the year before.

However, he says major developments could bring changes.

“There’s a lot of major economic growth going on right now. So with Caterpillar, Amazon and Hexagon folks coming in, we could see a shortage in the higher-priced homes," Baker said.

He says for now though, a look at the latest housing numbers remains promising. Here's his advice for anyone looking to buy or sell:

- Be careful getting pre-qualified: Baker says be wary of online pre-qualification as there are scams going around. He advises you to, instead, tap a realtor first.

- Do your homework: He says be on the lookout for assistance programs that you qualify for to help you get your first home.

- Know your equity: Baker says pay close attention to home much equity your home has if you’re looking to move as it could benefit you if you are looking to move up in home.

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