Parents on alert after man caught inappropriately touching himself at a busy Tucson park

Soccer field scare as man exposed himself at Udall Park

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Parents are on high alert tonight after learning about two situations that involved men acting suspiciously at a Tucson park.

“The safety of our kids just needs to be protected," said Briana Card. Her son plays in the FC Youth Tucson Soccer Club at Udall Park.

The club alerted FC Tucson families this week about an incident on Saturday morning involving a man exposing himself in public.

The Tucson Police Department said the woman reported the man was masturbating when she saw him off the road in the park.

The message read, in part:

“At approximately 8:45am, a man was seen in the southeast corner of the rear parking lot (near cul de sac and perimeter of the park and trails). He was in proximity to Field E with his pants down, exposing himself, within view of adults and potentially children.”

“It’s disappointing because we want them to be active, we want them to engage, but yet we can’t let them go because things like this happen," said Card. "It’s definitely kinda scary.”

Officers responded to the park Saturday morning, but Tucson Police said the man ran off and was not found. According to the message from FC Tucson, “the officer said there had been reports of the same conduct, possibly from the same person, in January of this year.”

“That’s why I’m sitting here," said Amber Adil. "Before I may have sat in my car on an evening like this, where it is so windy and watched the boys, but since that has happened, I want to sit to have eyes on the kids.”

Adil said she has spent a lot of time at Udall Park over the years, with three boys who all play soccer.

“It’s a little bit scary because someone who is that bold in their behavior in something like that, it’s concerning so yeah, I hope they find this person soon," said Adil.

“It’s more the issue of, there’s a lot of kids out here, there’s a lot of parents, there’s a lot of people coming and going," said Adil. "I feel as parents, we need to keep an eye out for not only our kids, but all the kids out here, too.”

The incident over the weekend was not the only situation parents were talking about Wednesday night. They mentioned two men being arrested by the baseball fields Monday evening.

The TPD said officers were called to the area after a report of two men acting suspicious. When officers arrived, one of the men ran. The other man, a convicted sex offender, was arrested for failing to register.

During patrols around the park, the second man was located. Officers found the man, also a convicted sex offender, had a felony warrant for failing to register. He was also arrested.

“Go with your kids when they go to the restroom, make sure you have eyes on them, just don’t leave your kids’ side,” said Card. “To be honest, you just can’t trust anyone.”

Police said the people who made the calls to report the suspicious activity at the park did the right thing.

The TPD wants to remind anyone to call 911 if something does not look right, especially at public places with children, and officers will respond.

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