Arizona company says it can build 218 miles of border wall in a year

Arizona company makes border wall proposal

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Fisher Industries in Coolidge, Arizona invited members of Congress and U.S. Senate to witness how it can build 218 miles of border wall cheaply and quickly.

Nearly a dozen showed up in the remote, tiny town in Central Arizona to see what the company has to offer.

The President and CEO, Tommy Fisher, put together a well orchestrated display, building 200 feet in less than an hour.

“You can extrapolate the math," he said. "It’s all new fencing.”

President Donald Trump says the funding to build new fence, does not need Congressional approval.

He is moving money around from other departments to secure the funding, although with pending lawsuits, there is still some question as to whether he has the authority.

However, the government is moving ahead.

Fisher met with the Department of Homeland Security, which outlined its needs and is in a hurry to get started.

The contract award is for $3.285 billion which also includes infrastructure and technology; technology that includes face recognition software.

“The agents can be tipped off early so they can be proactive and not reactive,” Fisher said.

The infrastructure includes roads along the border wall to replace the dirt, and sometimes bumpy, roads.

“This is an important national security issue,” said Dusty Johnson, a congressman from South Dakota. “We should be able to get it done quickly.”

Others, such as Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, said the funding is secure and he came to Arizona to see for himself how the fencing might work.

“It’s very impressive,” he said. “Under budget, higher quality, faster production, that’s what the American taxpayer wants.”

“Well. It’s very impressive,” said Kevin Cramer, Senator from North Dakota. “Just the efficiency of it.”

He said combining the fence, boots on the ground and the technology is needed to secure the border.

At least two Democrats were invited to the demonstration, but neither showed up.

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