What is the ‘Blow-Out Bill’ and how it could affect your salon experience

KOLD Blow-Out Bill

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Governor Doug Ducey has signed the “Blow-Out Bill” into law. Now, people can perform services like shampooing, blow-drying and styling hair without a cosmetology license.

Someone who has a little experience with that, is Juan Carlos Montes de Oca. He was cutting hair for the homeless while he was getting his cosmetology license. He was investigated by the state when it was illegal to do so.

Now, things are different with the new law.

“It’s a good start to get in the industry,” said Montes de Oca. “It’ll open the doors for a lot of people to work in a blow-dry salon or work in a salon as an apprentice.”

But, over at the Tucson College of Beauty, Terry Ryan is getting a blow-out, just what this new law would allow unlicensed people to do.

“It’s a luxury I allow myself,” said Ryan.

She’s sitting in the chair, next to John Oshea, a cosmetology student. He started school in October, and is about halfway through, with about 750 hours under his belt.

“I honestly think that it’s amazing because I feel like without this kind of training, there’s no way I could do as good of a job or as safe of a job,” said Oshea.

Ryan, feels the same way, unsure of an unlicensed person doing her hair—even without touching chemicals.

“What if they burned me while they’re blow drying my hair,” said Ryan.

Rochelle Carr, who runs the Tucson College of Beauty, said the main purpose of the law is to put people to work, and give them careers, but it does just the opposite.

“Our government made a big mistake,” said Carr.

She said giving a person a minimum wage job is not a career, and those hiring might pass over the unlicensed person.

“They’re not going to take the chance on someone who’s not licensed,” said Carr.

Before the law was in place, blow-drying hair without a license could have cost people six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

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