UPDATE: Wife of Douglas Mayor files complaint of recall

Uribe recently released his recall statement.

UPDATE: Wife of Douglas Mayor files complaint of recall
Douglas Mayor Robert Uribe said he is fully committed to finishing his term.

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - The wife of Douglas Mayor Robert Uribe filed a complaint in an effort to stop the town from recalling her husband.

If successful, the recall effort that started in January would unseat Uribe prematurely to his planned June 2020 term.

Douglas community members called on Uribe to resign over allegations about money mismanagement, lack of transparency and his interactions with the community.

According to the Douglas Dispatch, these issues ignited after Uribe decided not to renew the city manager’s contract.

His wife, Mary Jenea Sanchez claims the recall petitions don’t comply with state law and contain false and misleading statements.

The Cochise County Recorder’s office said it verified more than 650 signatures to force Uribe to a recall election on Aug. 27.

Sanchez doesn’t agree and is asking for an expedited court hearing.

If the recall petitions are deemed legally insufficient, then Uribe won’t attend the recall election in August. If the judge denies Sanchez’s complaint, the city council will call for an election.

Uribe issued this recall statement April 19:

It is my privilege to serve as the Mayor of Douglas. I have given this community my all and will continue to do so. The recall effort is simply misguided. I have worked hard for Douglas and operated with transparency, always making myself available to the community and its leadership on all issues. I have adhered faithfully to the Douglas City Charter, acting promptly to address matters raised by councilmembers in a fair, just, and efficient manner. And I have made the tough decisions necessary to move Douglas forward.

Our community is thriving, seeing boosts in tourism, development, and jobs. I am committed to working with all stakeholders to continue this tremendous momentum forward. I pledge to listen, to build bridges, and to work tirelessly so that all families can thrive and prosper together in our thriving city. I humbly ask for your vote to continue to serve as your Mayor.

Robert Uribe

Mayor, City of Douglas, AZ

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