RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Health Department says ‘cold holding’ most common violation

KOLD Restaurant Report Card, Friday, April 19

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - The most common violation resulting from restaurant health inspections is something cold holding, according to the Health Department.

Cold holding is the Food and Drug Administration's simple way of saying all cold food must be kept under 41 degrees.

Health officials say in temperatures above that bacteria could spread quickly on food you eat and could get you sick.

Gourmet Girls off Oracle Road on the northwest side is one restaurant that takes cold holding very seriously.

Co-owner Susan Fulton says it requires keeping a close eye on food at all times.

“We don’t want to make our guests sick so it’s super important to keep food below 41 degrees at all times,” Fulton said. “We check it repeatedly. We have temp logs and we fill them in two or three times a day to make sure we don’t go above the required temperatures.”

Because of the close watching it takes, Health Department officials say sometimes even restaurants with an excellent track record have a slip-up with cold holding.

However, they say it's the places with on-going temperature control problems that lead to the biggest headaches for inspectors.

That's because it could be an issue with equipment, like refrigeration.

And sometimes restaurant owners don’t have or don’t want to pay the money needed to fix the issue.

Businesses can fail inspections for reasons other than unsafe food. Below is a list of all the places that failed from April 12-18.

  • Agave Grill, 1051 West Solana
  • Casa De Los Ninos, 1145 North 4th
  • Chuy’s, 7101 East 22nd
  • Famous Dave's BBQ, 3007 East Speedway
  • Mestizo Sonoran Bistro (food truck), 1517 North Wilmot
  • Tucson Indoor Sports Center, 1065 West Grand

The full list of the failures in April can be found HERE. You can search for the restaurant ratings HERE.

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