20 traditional Easter foods from around the world

20 traditional Easter foods from around the world
Easter candy staples: A basket of chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny.

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Easter food is most commonly symbolized by rabbits (most notably the Easter Bunny), baby chicks, colorful dyed eggs, and confections ranging from eggs and rabbits made of chocolate to the now-iconic chick-shaped candies known as Peeps.

24/7 Wall St. has identified 20 specialty Easter foods from nations around the world:

Bulgaria– Kozunak– sweet cake-like bread with rum-soaked raisins, lemon zest, chopped nuts, Turkish delight and braided with an egg wash.

Brazil– Pacoca de amendoim– a crumbly confection made with roasted peanuts, sugar, and toasted manioc flour.

Costa Rica – Empanadas dechiverre– a fig-leaved gourd whose sweet flesh separate easily into fibres like those of spagehetti squash is placed inside empanadas made with cinnamon-flavored dough.

Ecuador– Fanesca– a rich soup made with bacalao (salt cod), an assortment of vegetables, rice, peanuts, and cream cheese, and flavored with cumin, oregano, garlice, and annatto powder.

Ethiopia– Difo dabo– a large round loaf of bread made with wheat flour, flavored with spices, wrapped in the leaves of a plant called koba, and baked in a clay oven.

Finland– Mammi– is a kind of dense porridge (some call it sludge) made by mixing rye flour and rye malt with water and simmering the concoction long and slow. Flavored with vanilla or cocoa or enhanced with chocolate or berries.

France– Gigot d’agneau Pascal– bone-in leg lamb roast, or gigot, is trimmed, studded with slivers of garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper, and often dusted with rosemary or herbes de Provence, then roasted until pink.

Germany– Bunter Osterkuchen– a colorful Easter cake. A carrot and apple cake, bound with ground almonds, decorated with marzipan eggs in various colors and with sugar flowers and leaves.

Greece– Tsoureki– a brioche-like sweet bread flavored with a spice called mahlepi or mahleb, made from the seeds of the Persian cherry tree.

India– Fugias– fried risen-dough balls that more or less resemble eggs.

Italy– Columbia di Pasqua(Easter Dove) – a dove-shaped sweat yeast bread loaf, similar to panettone, topped with almonds and sugar crystals.

Lebanon– Maamoul– buttery shortbread cookies that sometimes resemble small Chinese dumplings in shape, are filled with dates or chopped nuts, flavored with rosewater and/or orange flower water, and dusted with powdered sugar.

Lithuania– Kugelis– potato pudding combines grated potatoes with bacon, onions, eggs milk, and farina (milled wheat) into a casserole.

Malta– Figolli– small sweet almond-flavored cakes, covered in icing or chocolate and inset with tiny candy Easter eggs.

The Netherlands – Paastaart– an Easter cake usually frosted with yellow-hued whipped cream and decorated with chocolate Easter eggs.

Nigeria– Frejon—the traditional repast not on Easter itself but on good Friday. Frejon is a puree of spiced brown beans or black-eyed peas cooked with coconut milk and fish sauce and sprinkled with garri, a powder of fermented cassava.

Poland – Babka Wielkanocna– an eggy sweet yeast bread full of raisins, typically frosted with a with sugar icing.

Russia -- Pashka– preparation of creamy sweetened cheese, shaped into a mound or dome and studded with candied fruit.

South Africa – Ingelegde vis– fried fresh fish is marinated in a mixture of onions, spices (including turmeric), vinegar, and sugar. It is refrigerated for at least 24 hours before being served cold with bread or hot cross buns.

United States – Baked ham– For some American household’s spring lamb rules, but Easter ham is far more popular overall—whether it is glazed with honey or marmalade, coated with breadcrumbs or mustard.

These certainly aren’t the only foods eaten for the holiday in these places, and they may not be universally consumed in their homelands, but they add up to a colorful — and tasty — representation of the season.

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