Armed smugglers caught on Border Patrol video

Heavily armed men take woman, son to cross fence near Lukeville

LUKEVILLE, AZ (KOLD News 13) - In recent months KOLD News 13 has been showing video and pictures of large groups of asylum seekers illegally crossing into Arizona from Mexico...but Tuesday night there is new video showing the dangers of armed human smugglers.

Look closely at the video.... two men are seen carrying guns as they get out of a truck that drove right up to the border west of Lukeville, Arizona, which is about 150 miles southwest of’s where many cross the border heading to Rocky Point.

KOLD News 13′s Dan Marries spoke with BP agent Jesus Vasavilbaso and he says several of the human smugglers wearing body armor and tactical are visibly armed a type of semi-automatic weapon….similar to an AK-47.

Customs and Border Protection camera operators spotted these coyotes dropping off the woman and 8 year old son on the Mexican side of the fence on Saturday night.

One of those men is seen on the video crossing through the international border illegally with the mom and boy.

This part of the border does not have a wall or fence, it is just a vehicle barrier that keeps cars from driving across but does nothing to stop people from walking across illegally, which is exactly what these two did.

CBP tells us the smugglers gave the woman instructions to surrender to border patrol agents immediately to claim asylum and that’s exactly what she did.

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