Happening in Cochise County this week

Happening in Cochise County this week
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TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - What's happening in Cochise County this week...

Revised Cochise County election fees to be implemented June 1

The Cochise County Elections Department will amend its fees and reimbursement schedule for the services it provides to jurisdictions, following an approval by the Board of Supervisors.

This is the first time the fee schedule has been revised since 2014 and now takes into account mail-only elections and vote center elections sought by jurisdictions outside of a statewide election date.

“The current fee schedule is outdated and complicated for jurisdictions to forecast and to budget for when they want to contract with the County to conduct elections on their behalf,” said Elections Director Lisa Marra. “The existing fees are not adequately covering the cost of conducting an election on behalf of a jurisdiction when it falls outside of the statewide consolidated election calendar.”

Marra said while the Board of Supervisors has the responsibility of funding statewide elections, it is not obliged to pay for other jurisdictions.

The new fee schedule starts at 75 cents per voter for jurisdiction elections consolidated with state or federal dates. Special and non-consolidated vote by mail elections will cost $1.75 per voter.

The cost for special and non-consolidated elections requiring vote centers will be $4 per voter. These elections must have a minimum of 1,000 voters and would include the Permanent Early Voting List ballot process.

Marra emphasized the fee schedule will only cover her department’s costs and will not result in any profit for the County. Fees will be paid for by the jurisdictions, and not voters.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to Adopt Resolution 19-10 approving the fee schedule, effective June 1, 2019, at its regular meeting on April 23. The Resolution also gives authority to the County Administrator to execute intergovernmental agreements for election services.

To view the full schedule click HERE.

New funding helps Cochise County improve community health

An unexpected donation to Cochise Health & Social Services will allow the department to step up its efforts to prevent tuberculosis.

The funding, amounting to $29,724, was presented by the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) at the Board of Supervisors’ regular meeting on April 23.

The one-time grant comes from a fund set up through the ACF by the late Minnie Ross, who felt strongly about the treatment of tuberculosis treatment in Arizona, particularly along the border, explained Health Director Carrie Langley.

She said the funds will be used to increase early screening and treatment activities through June 30.

A check was presented to Cochise County by Angela Laskarides, ACF’s Regional Director for Cochise County and Gila Valley.

In other business, the Board approved a grant agreement between the Cochise County School Superintendent’s Office and the Governor’s Office in the amount of $53,754.

The funds will be used for a seventh-grade substance abuse prevention program.

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