Green Valley man convicted of killing stepson

Green Valley man convicted of killing stepson
Source: (Pima County Attorney's Office)

GREEN VALLEY, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Bradley Dean Lewis was convicted of Second Degree Murder on April 19, 2019 after he was arrested for shooting his stepson in the chest.

On June of 2018, Lewis invited his stepson to come visit him after they had not spoken to each other in years.

On June 25, 2018, Lewis’ stepson drove to Green Valley from Las Vegas and texted his wife that he had arrived safely.

Early the next morning, Lewis, highly intoxicated, called 911 and said that he shot someone in his house, while also mentioning that he had to do it, but that he did not know who the man was.

Deputies arrived and found Lewis sitting next to his stepson who had been shot in the chest.

The gun was on an end-table directly next to Lewis and only Lewis’s DNA was on the gun.

Lewis initially told deputies he did not know the victim, but eventually admitted that the man was his stepson and that he had invited him to come to Green Valley.

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