Tucson man’s pool adopted as home for duck family

Man finds family of ducks in pool

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - It's that time of year.

As the temperature climbs toward the triple digits, many are seeking refuge in a nearby pool. However, Andrew Zimmerman found some unusual visitors swimming in his backyard overlooking the Catalina Foothills.

He appreciates the hills and mountains he can see over his wall, and apparently so do some ducks.

Zimmerman said Momma Duck has been stopping by here for several weeks now.

"It wasn't that she was coming for a later afternoon swim," he said. "She was coming to visit her nest."

On Easter, Zimmerman found a whole family - a total of 14.

"I already have a family back east," Zimmerman said. "I didn't know I was adopting another one."

Zimmerman has taken steps to see if he could get them to leave safely. He took a ‘quack’ at it with shiny, reflective tape meant to deter birds.

That didn't work.

Zimmerman also read online ducks hate alligators, so he bought a blow up one.

"They think the alligator is their friend."

Still Momma Duck and her babies parade around his pool, wading and waddling.

"Oh they own the place," he said. "There's no embracing it. It's theirs."

Yet it seems he has embraced it. He built them a ramp to get in and out. But he’s left figuring out what to do now to find this flock a new nest to safely call home.

"I'm worried that both the heat and chlorine might affect the duckies," he said.

Zimmerman said he plans on contacting local rescue organizations to get these little ducks a better home than his pool.

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