Tucson accepted into International Network of Food and Gastronomy

Tucson gets international attention, city part of international network on food

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - It’s no secret that Southern Arizona is serving up some high quality dishes.

From bread—to craft beer—and of course tacos—the city has a way of keeping the public’s plate full of all it has to offer.

Now the city is gaining new attention and people are hungry to know more.

"The gastronomy in Tucson is gaining recognition around the world not just here in Arizona or in the United States.”

Felipe Garcia with Visit Tucson applied for Tucson city to be a part of the Delice Network about a year ago.

“Delice is focused on a professional network dedicated to global cities who gather in order to gain expertise on using Food & Gastronomy as a major tool for the development of their territory. Délice network aims to be of paramount significance for competence building, inspiration & experience sharing.” (Delice Network)

The application process is extensive and Garcia even called the network's office in France, asking if Tucson even had a chance.

“I spoke with the director for quite sometime and she said, ‘you know what, give it a shot. I think you guys have the right elements here in Tucson.’”

The group picks international cities around the world who stand out for gastronomy. Right now those include: Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Montreal, and many others.

Garcia said the Network wasn't familiar with Tucson prior to this.

“When they heard an application came in from the U.S. they thought San Francisco or New Orleans, and they found Tucson so they said huh, lets look at the application.”

After chewing it over, Tucson recently became only one of two US cities to be accepted. Chicago is the only other city recognized. But it means more than simply global recognition.

“Now we need to use it. We need to find ways how we can take advantage of this membership of networks of cities around the world.”

It’s a recipe for success for the local economy.

"More visitors coming to Tucson, spending more money in our community and that will impact every single resident here in Tucson. That’s the exciting part about this.” said Garcia.

It’s the start of a new partnership with endless possibilities. Including looking to other countries for ideas and knowledge and of course to share some delicious recipes.

For more on Delice Network: https://www.delice-network.com/About-Us

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