Restaurant Report Card: Denny’s near I-10, Irvington fails because of cold holding

Restaurant Report Card, Friday, May 10

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - People throughout Tucson will be celebrating this weekend - either for the UA graduation or Mother’s Day.

But before you plan where to have your celebration dinner, here is a look at places getting the thumbs down during health inspections.

Denny’s is a big favorite because it’s open 24 hours and offers cheap eats. But the health department says one restaurant in this chain wasn’t keeping things clean.

It's the Denny's at 3702 E. Irvington Road, near I-10.

A health inspector found unsanitary conditions during a visit on April 18.

The inspector said several places like shelves had heavy debris.

There was also a container with what the inspector said looked like moldy strawberries.

But cold holding - not keeping food cold enough - is the ultimate reason why the health department had to put this Denny's on probation.

The cold holding issue wasn’t fixed by the follow-up on April 29, so the restaurant failed the inspection, according to the health department report.

The restaurant has a corrective action plan in place.

Below a list of places the health department said failed from May 2-9.

  • Al Basha Grocery LLC, 4145 E. Grant Road
  • Broadway Proper, 400 S. Broadway Place
  • Carl's Jr. #1101500, 1880 E. Broadway Boulevard
  • Encore, 5851 E. Speedway Boulevard
  • Jason's Deli, 6061 E. Broadway Boulevard
  • Jerusalem Market, 5450 E. Fifth Street
  • Lin's Grand Buffet, 1068 E. Tucson Market Place
  • Montgomery's Grill and Saloon, 13190 E. Colossal Cave Road #190
  • Oracle Transition Center, 2445 N. Oracle Road
  • Sahuarita Unified School District, 350 W. Sahuarita Road
  • Subway #1837, 1503 w. Saint Mary’s Road

The full list can be found HERE. You can search restaurant ratings HERE.

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