Tucson moms help hundreds of foster families through clothing exchange

Tucson Moms help foster families

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Some may call it a maternal instinct. One Tucson mom said to her, it’s really a human instinct.

For Michele Wright and Michele Bennett, their family of five can be a lot to handle in a life that can throw things at you fast.

“We are not perfect, but we always get up in the morning and try again," said Bennett. “We both learn together, we all do.”

While there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, two with purpose lead the blended Bennett-Wright family.

Bennett and Wright are the proud, adoptive parents to three children. Their oldest son is 17-years-old, with their youngest daughter in the fourth grade.

“Being a mom to me is being that person that you can always count on, no matter how bad it gets," said Wright.

Being a mom, also comes with managing a budget. Wright said she realized the struggle some parents could face about ten years ago, when services for foster families were reduced. She wondered how some adoptive or foster parents were able to make it financially, especially when life could change in an instant.

Wright turned support into a shop, starting GoodTHREADS in 2009. It is the only clothing bank for foster, adoptive and kinship families in Tucson.

“Hopefully we can provide them with the sense of, I’m important enough to have clothes that I want to have on," said Bennett.

On the second Saturday of every month, GoodTHREADS provides clothing at no cost to families who qualify. Wright said parents are encouraged to bring gently used, clean clothing as an ‘exchange’ but this is not necessary.

The exchange is held in a small store at Goodmans Interior Structures on North Business Center Drive.

“Clothes are great and their important, but when I see those kids come in, I want to make it so they leave for just five minutes feeling normal, or a sense of relief," Wright said.

There is also a public donation drop bin, accessible 24 hours a day, outside GoodTHREADS.

“We’ve had countless people come to us that tell us they couldn’t have even done this without us," Wright said.

Since 2009, GoodTHREADS has clothed more than 12,000 Children.

At the Bennett-Wright house on Mother’s Day, it was easy to see why the two moms are “making a difference, one thread at a time."

“I think we are all here for a reason," said Wright. "It’s less about what I give to them and it’s more about what they give to me.”

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