Getting ready for monsoon: Flood Control District digs up Santa Cruz River

Cleaning up before the storms

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Pima County Flood Control District is getting ready for monsoon season.

The District has been clearing dirt and debris from the Santa Cruz river. They said much of the area has not been properly cleared in about 30 years. Trees, trash and other vegetation were filling up the riverbed.

“That really shouldn’t have been at the bottom of the water course,” said Andy Dinauer, an engineer at Pima County Flood Control District.

They are removing about 80,000 cubic yards of dirt along the river from Cushing to Speedway. They will be doing the same from Cushing to Silver Lake Road before this monsoon season begins. In 2020, they will tackle portions of the river that are north of Grant Road.

Each project costs about $1 million and takes about two months to complete. The District is shipping the thousands of yards of dirt to an area along The Loop and North Silverbell Road, filling up a large ditch and creating a natural resource park with a walking path.

Some wildlife had to be relocated during the process of removing vegetation. The District said some transients setting up camps were also moved away from the area.

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