Man gets 274 years for sexually assaulting several Tucson women

Man gets 274 years for sexually assaulting several Tucson women
Nathan Loebe

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -

It was an incredibly emotional Monday morning at the Pima County Superior Courthouse. One by one victims took the stand to share the hurt and trauma they have endured at the hands of Nathan Loebe.

Loebe was found guilty on 20 different counts earlier this year - ranging from sexual assault to kidnapping to stalking. For these crimes, Loebe was sentenced to 274 years behind bars.

Prosecutors said Loebe posed as an actor from the TV show “Family Ties." He was known for luring in women by using dating websites.

Many of those women were in the courtroom as the sentence was handed down. Even though Loebe will be spending his life behind bars, each victim, in a way, explained how their lives will forever be scarred.

“Nathan, you are a predator," one of the victims said. Her powerful words were among many spoken at the long-awaited sentencing.

“I’ve waited sixteen damn years for this,” explained another victim.

Loebe’s defense attempted to delay the sentence by filing a last minute motion. That was denied by the judge.

The defense also made mention of Loebe’s mental health issues. His defense explained Loebe is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“I can tell you it’s not lost on Mr. Loebe that his perception of these incidents differ dramatically from that of the victims,” Loebe’s defense explained.

But as each victim spoke, they detailed the scars left behind on their lives.

“I was never like this before that morning ever," one woman said. "Now I can’t enjoy my life.” This same woman explained the amount of therapy sessions she’s been to, and the different attempts she’s made on her own life because of this.

In the courtroom, Loebe wouldn’t turn around. He wouldn’t look at each woman as they spoke - even after they say his actions left them traumatized.

“He’s not remorseful for his actions,” another woman said. “His behavior and his testimony only further solidify that he has no compassion for us as victims.”

Still each woman says they're forced to move forward, despite the hurt they still feel years later.

One of those victims even stated she holds many titles, calling herself both a mother and daughter, but refuses to call herself a rape victim.

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