Couple who accused Georgia Tech’s Pastner charged

Couple who accused Georgia Tech’s Pastner charged
Paul Gattone, attorney for Ron Bell and Jennifer Pendley, speaks after filing a sexual assault lawsuit against Georgia Tech head basketball coach Josh Pastner in 2018.

ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — An Arizona couple who accused Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner of sexual assault is facing more criminal charges.

The Arizona Daily Star reported prosecutors in Oro Valley charged Ron Bell on Friday, May 17 with providing false information to law enforcement and facilitation of a fraud scheme practice.

An arrest warrant has been issued for his fiancée, Jennifer Pendley.

Both are already facing counts related to an alleged scheme to extort Pastner.

Pastner, a former assistant coach at University of Arizona, and the couple have been entangled in litigation since January 2018.

Pastner sued them for blackmail and for defamation, saying they falsely accused him of breaking NCAA rules. In their countersuit, they claimed he sexually assaulted Pendley in 2016.

A witness for the couple later recanted.