Pima County job vacancies at all-time high

Pima County job vacancies at all-time high

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Pima County has 1,050 job vacancies. That's on paper. Some of those jobs won't be filled, but they were at one time. People left or retired and the jobs were not filled.

The sheriff's department has 150 vacancies, the library system has 114 and more than a hundred languish in the courts system.

"We hire 80 to 90 people a month," said Tom Burke, an assistant to the county administrator. "We can hire more than a thousand in a year."

Still, there are some jobs which the county has a hard time filling such as attorneys, skilled professionals, tradesmen and craftsmen.

"As long as the economy is doing well, it's difficult for us to find employees," said County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. "When the economy actually turns down, it's becomes fairly easy."

Check out the nearly two dozen computers at One Stop, a county job service. On Wednesday afternoon, they sit empty.

A few years ago, the place bustled with people looking for work.

With Tucson at or near the definition of full employment, the mission of the job center has changed.

“Whereas now, it’s more the employers looking for the people rather than the people looking for jobs,” said Danny Howe.

So while thousands of high school students graduate this week in Tucson, their chances of finding entry level positions is greater than ever.

Many of the folks already in entry level are trying to move up according to Howe.

Construction is one place where entry level jobs are plentiful but there's not enough people to fill them.

“We’ve actually taken some of the construction companies out to the prisons to interview inmates before they get released,” Howe said. ""That’s something we actually had to do."

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