GEARING UP FOR THE CUP: Soccer has no age limit

Women's World Cup starts next week

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The start of the Women’s World Cup is just days away and excitement across the globe is already building.

However, in Tucson soccer is already a big deal for many women.

Looking at life like a soccer game, there are always goals to be met.

"I have my Fitbit on while I'm going and to try to meet my 10,000 steps," said Amy McFarland, who uses the sport to get outside. "I have a desk job -- so this is my physical activity."

Her teammate, Brandi Duarte, plays to take a timeout on responsibility.

"I don't have to worry about work, about kids or anything else going on," Duarte said.

Both women play for the Tucson Women's Soccer League. All of their teammates are over the age of 30.

"We're a little slower once you get a little older." Though - there's no penalty in that. On the field, Duarte said it's not skills that matter.

"We're not out here to be super competitive," she explained.

She has played throughout her whole life, only stopping for injuries and pregnancy.

"If I come out here, I want to be on the field," Duarte said. She now plays every week just because she gets a kick out of it.

Her team plays under the stadium lights every week.

Each player, like Duarte and McFarland, vary in experience level but share one advantage among all -- friendship.

"The girls I've played with on most of my teams are on many of the teams I play on," McFarland explained. "Some of those bonds have been 16 years or more."

Though who's keeping score?

These women are inspired by the ladies who play soccer professionally. They’ll be watching as the Women’s World Cup kicks off on June 7.

You can watch the games, too, on FOX 11.

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