Mother remembers Tucson High grad who died in Afghan War

Mother remembers Tucson High grad who died in Afghan War
(Source: KOLD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It was a decision that Marsha Moon knew would come sooner or later.

Her son, Christopher Moon, always wanted to be a part of something greater.

“He had talked about the military since he was a young child. He would always pretend he was a sniper and that was his dream.” said Moon.

Moon, a talented athlete and baseball star, graduated from Tucson High Magnet School at the age of 17.

He would then turn down a University of Arizona sports scholarship in 2008 to enlist in the Army.

“It was another team, a group effort and he thrived on that.” said Moon.

Seeing your child go off to war always comes with the fear that they might not make it home. In July of 2010, that fear would become a reality.

On July 7th, Spc. Moon, a talented sniper, had an IED go off underneath him while in Arghandab, Afghanistan.

He would be taken to a military hospital in Germany and pass on July 13th from his injuries.

But hearing about his bravery kept Marsha and their family going.

“I was taken back because all these guys came back and told me all the things that my son had gone through and what he had done. How he had been the light of their unit. And you’re talking this is my son, he’s the baby of the unit.” said Moon.

Now, this Memorial Day, the Moon’s take the time to remember their son and all the many others who paid the ultimate price, for our freedom.

“We need to speak their names. We need to keep them alive. I’ll forever be thankful for Chris and all those who have taken that oath who want to serve our county.”

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