Sierra Vista garbageman retires after 35 years

Sierra Vista garbageman retires after 35 years

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The city of Sierra Vista is celebrating the 35-year career of one of its most dedicated public workers this week.

Chuy Estrada is set to retire after 35 years with the city of Sierra Vista sanitation department.

Known for his infectious smile and personality, the El Paso native says he takes pride in his work and his community.

He does it all with the cleanest truck in the fleet.

“I’ve been waking up very early for work for 35 years,” saID Estrada as he makes his last route around town. “When people see our city is clean, people will want to come back to Sierra Vista to live. The community is number one on my list, because they are the ones that are paying you. They are the ones that call in and say ‘hey you’ve got a hell of a driver out here!’”

Estrada has made close friends along his route, including Sam, an autistic boy who loves his truck.

“I’ve known him since he was 5 years old, and now he’s 13. Every time I see him I jump out and give him a hug, see how he’s doing.”

“He’s kind of an icon,” said Darrin Stensby, a sanitation supervisor with the city of Sierra Vista, who has worked with Estrada since 1991. “He mentored me, I think I owe my career with the city all to Chuy. His professionalism, his dedication. 35 years in this industry is something to be very proud of.”

"We go out there and do a good job, so people can say 'hey, Sierra Vista is the number one place to go and live."

Estrada will join his wife in retirement, she retired as a schoolteacher this spring.

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