Tucson Saguaros 4th season underway in the Old Pueblo

Tucson Saguaros 4th season underway in the Old Pueblo
Tucson Saguaros (Source: Tucson Saguaros)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Tucson Saguaros have opened their fourth season in Tucson, playing in the Pecos League Pacific Division.

They will face off this season against California Whiptails, Wasco Reserves, White Sands Pupfish, Alpine 6 Cowboys, High Desert Yardbirds and the Roswell Invaders, all while calling Cherry Field, home of the Tucson High Badgers, their new home base.

On Saturday, June 8, the team begins their home game salute to local little leagues. Every Saturday night all players of T-ball ad softball through minors who wear their team jersey will be admitted to the game for free and will even get to warm up on the field with the Saguaro players.

The Saguaros could also use a little help, as they are looking for host families for the season. Host families provide players with a place to sleep, at least one meal a day and a place where the player can do their laundry. Interested in hosting a player? Contact the Tucson Saguaros House Coordinator Laura Martin at laura.martin@centurylink.net.

Host families get free entry to home games.

Visit http://www.saguarosbaseball.com/ to view a detailed schedule and learn about the players through their bio’s.

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